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My 365…Week One | Southern New Hampshire Lifestyle Photographer

This year I have decided to try to complete a 365 Project. For those of you who don’t really know what a 365 Project is, it is taking a photo each day and posting it to social media such as Instagram often working from a list of prompts or inspiration. The goal is to pick up your camera each day and shoot, to become more comfortable with varying styles and lighting, and to challenge yourself to work on aspects of photography that are more difficult for you (like for me it’s perspectives). I wanted to try to do this project this year to help me to focus more on my photography and have it be a part of my everyday. I am excited see how I learn and grow more in my photography and challenge myself each day. I hope that this year will be a year full of change (for the better) and growth in my art, business, and brand.

I chose The Bethadilly Challenge as my guide for my 365 (or this leap year 366). The challenge is provided by a wonderful photographer, Beth from {Beth} a-dilly Photography. She provides a monthly list of prompts and inspiration for our daily photos. We then post our photos to Instagram using #thebethadillychallenge. So far it has been very motivational and very interesting to see how different photographers interpret or utilize the prompts. It’s also nice to be part of a photo community; to get to meet and discover other photographers who are working on the same project as you.  To see my daily photos, follow me on Instagram @s_maynardphoto.

Here is my Week One (I started a week late, oops!).


{8/366} Looking Down



{9/366} My Workspace



{10/366} In my cup



{11/366} Classic (sign you have a fur baby)



{12/366} Emotion (content)



{13/366} New



{14/366} Delicate



{15/366} Starts with W…Wonder


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